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Experienced and effective Employment lawyer

Having acted for both employers (be they large corporations, national charities, or small businesses) and employees, Phil understands how both sides think.

He draws upon this knowledge when it comes to finding solutions to problems that arise in employment relationships. The great majority of his cases settle at or before mediation, meaning a quick and satisfactory conclusion for clients.

Legal costs are often met as part of settlement.

Call Phil on (04) 499-7378 to speak to him today.

Get in contact for help with your unfair dismissal or personal grievance

If you’re unsure whether or not you require legal assistance, or how Phil can help, you can arrange for a free initial consultation.

Phil provides friendly, accessible legal services and advice, so you can make an informed decision with the help of someone who understands both your experience and your rights.

Call Phil on (04) 499-7378 to speak to him today.

Employment/Criminal Matters

Sometimes employment and criminal law can overlap. Having spent over 30 years investigating and defending criminal cases, Phil has experience like few others when it comes to an overlap in these jurisdictions. Just check his references for evidence from previous clients who have found themselves in the most difficult of circumstances. He has dealt with many such cases and has achieved good results for his clients. Sometimes it’s to prove the employee is innocent; other times, it’s a damage-limitation exercise; but it’s always a good idea to contact Phil for a chat prior to meeting anyone, saying anything, or signing anything.

If you have been accused of criminal behaviour in the context of the workplace, call Phil for an obligation free consultation.

Likewise, if you are an employer and you suspect a staff member (or members) of criminal activity either at work or outside of work and you want to know how to best proceed, call Phil.


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