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Restructuring Your Business

Is your business in need of a restructure due to experiencing financial issues? Or because you can see ways to increase productivity and / or efficiency? Restructuring is sometimes inevitable in the lifecycle of your business, and it often comes with redundancies. It can be challenging for business owners and managers to deal with the process on their own and ensure that your legal obligations are met, and also that you are communicating clearly and compassionately with affected staff. Phil Mitchell is an experienced employment lawyer who can support you in the process.

An employee’s position becomes ‘redundant’ when the position is surplus to the needs of the employer. It is known as a ‘no-fault dismissal’ as the employee’s performance in that role has no bearing on it becoming surplus to the employer’s needs.

Wellington Restructuring and Redundancy Support

Phil has dealt with numerous redundancy cases over the years: providing employers with step by step processes to follow, including strategic advice, right through to preparation of restructure proposal documents and correspondence to staff. His ‘belts and braces’ approach has meant that most restructures go through without challenges, which saves his employer clients time, money and stress.

Phil will support you in the complete restructuring process and will tailor his advice to your business and the unique situation it finds itself in. He ensures that legal matters are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Phil will be there to answer any questions and support you through this complicated process.

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Contact Phil Mitchell well before you start your restructuring process. He can make sure that you are aware of and comply with legal requirements in this complicated area of employment law.

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