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Phil has acted for numerous employers

 Since commencing practise in 1997 – Phil has primarily dealing with small to medium sized businesses, but also charities, Maori entities and NGOs. Clients have been from across the spectrum, from high end corporates, boutique IT firms, law firms, retail outlets, trade businesses and so on.

Redundancy / restructuring

Phil has dealt with hundreds of redundancy cases over the years: providing employers with step by step processes to follow, including strategic advice, right through to preparation of restructure proposal documents and correspondence to staff.


His ‘belts and braces’ approach has meant that most restructures go through without challenges, which saves his employer clients time, money and stress.

Unfair dismissal – Personal Grievances

Unjustified dismissal claims, and other types of personal grievance claims, arise during the course of running businesses which employ people – it’s simply a fact of life that most employers – large or small, will eventually face one.

Effective, timely and professional communication at such a critical moment is extremely important. Most claims can be dealt with by firm but fair correspondence and negotiation and Phil provides just that.

Some claims are simply ‘try ons’ and Phil will effectively challenge those on your behalf.

Disciplinary hearings

Phil has extensive experience in dealing with disciplinary matters. Early and decisive communication between employees and their employers makes a difference, and that’s what Phil offers. Most matters can be resolved through effective negotiation early on – that is why Phil resolves 90%+ of his cases at or before mediation, with costs often met by the employer.

Phil has assisted numerous employers over the years in running disciplinary hearings and enquiries; obtaining the facts; and providing effective strategic advice as to how to deal with the situation arising.

Harassment / Bullying claims and allegations

Bullying and harassment claims are increasingly common: some are valid, others arise from staff who don’t like being managed. Phil will provide advice on the validity of any such claims, and how to effectively resolve them. Emotions are often heightened at such times and Phil will provide calm and reassuring advice as to how to settle matters and move forward.

Sometimes this will involve extensive investigation into the culture of a business; other times a good faith meeting between the parties involved can resolve issues. Every case is different – Phil will assess yours and advise which approach suits best. He has an extensive network of mediators, counsellors and workplace investigators he can draw on if necessary.

Accusations of dishonesty

Sometimes staff will ‘push the envelope’ or even be actively dishonest. Situations such as these often require knowledge of both employment and criminal law – and Phil has a wealth of experience in both fields. How to communicate your suspicions to staff; how to investigate; whether to involve police and when; are all important strategic decisions that you will need competent advice on.


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