Accusations of Dishonesty – Employer

Investigating Staff Members

Dishonesty doesn’t just mean taking property or money from the company or organisation; it can mean much more, for example:

  • Falsified timesheets
  • Unauthorised use of company vehicles
  • Exaggerated claims in CVs

If you suspect one of your employees is being dishonest, it can be a challenging situation to navigate. Practising since 1997, Phil Mitchell is an experienced employment lawyer in Wellington who can help you approach and solve issues of dishonesty.

Dealing With Dishonesty

Dealing with dishonesty is challenging, and sometimes requires knowledge of not only employment law, but also criminal law. Phil has a wealth of experience in both practises of law. Communicating suspicions to staff, investigating behaviour, if or when to involve the police, are all strategic decisions that you will need thorugh advice on. It is important to follow a legally sound process to reduce the ability of an employee bringing a persoal grievance against you regarding the process.

It can be an emotionally difficult time for both parties of the situation, having an experience and knowledge lawyer to support you through the process is imperative. Additionally, Phil gives tailored advice when and how to involve the police, as necessary, on a case by case basis.

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If you need an expert employment and criminal lawyer to support you as an employer, get in touch with Phil Mitchell. He will help with accusations of dishonesty and ensure that your business is protected.

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