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Allegations Of Dishonesty

It can be extremely upsetting and stressful being accused by your employer of being dishonest in the workplace. With many considerations such as your reputation, financial position, and career, it is important to have the right support through the process. Phil Mitchell has been assisting clients in his employment law practice since 1997, and has a range of highly effective techniques so you are not feeling alone in the process.

Dishonesty doesn’t just mean allegations of taking property or money from the company or organisation: it can also include allegedly falsification of timesheets, unauthorised use of company vehicles; false or exaggerated claims in CVs, and more.

  • Perhaps you absolutely deny the allegations and you want to defend yourself against them. Phil will unflinchingly represent you and ensure you receive a full and robust defence.
  • Or perhaps you accept that you have made a mistake, or acted in a less than honest way.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Phil will listen; he will not judge you, but he will provide advice to help you out of the situation you are in. Sometimes the matter can become even more complicated with a potential (or actual) police investigation under way. Phil has decades of experience in dealing with police enquiries and prosecutions and can assist you in the criminal jurisdiction if that becomes an issue.

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