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Unfair Dismissals and Other Personal Grievance Claims

Has an employee raised a personal grievance against you? Are you unsure what to do in this situation and how to make sure you make an effective response, while at the same time following your legal obligations? Personal grievances are sadly a cost of employing people and most businesses will experience one sooner or later.

Personal grievances can allege Disadvantage in the Workplace through unjustified action of an employer (often raised when employees are still employed); or the more traditional unjustified dismissal claims without a fair process.

Phil Mitchell can support you through this challenging process through discussing strategic options with you then engaging with the disaffected employee, or their lawyer or advocate, to see whether a sensible resolution can be reached. Most cases will settle at or before mediation, and Phil will communicate regularly and clearly with you to keep you aware of developments.

Helping You Solve Personal Grievances

If your employee has raised a personal grievance claim against you, Phil can support you in finding a solution for the problem. Effective, timely and professional communication at such a critical moment is extremely important. Most claims can be dealt with by firm but fair correspondence and negotiation, and Phil provides just that.

An employee can raise a personal grievance in the following matters:

  • Unjustifiable dismissal,
  • Unjustifiable disadvantage during their employment,
  • Discrimination,
  • Harassment,
  • Bullying,


Some claims are simply ‘try ons’, and Phil will effectively challenge those on your behalf. He will ensure that there is no time wasted on these issues but that legal requirements are followed at all times.

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Contact Wellington employment lawyer if a personal grievance has been raised against your business or organisation. It is important to have effective representation and support, and Phil Mitchell will be there to support you every step of the way.

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