Personal Grievances – Employee

Unfair Dismissals and Other Personal Grievance Claims

A personal grievance is a legal complaint that can be made by people who are, or were, employees.

An employee, can raise a complaint if they were:

  • unjustifiably dismissed,
  • unjustifiably disadvantaged in their workplace,
  • discriminated against on one of the prohibited grounds,
  • sexually or racially harassed,
  • bullied, or
  • subjected to duress due to membership or non-membership of a union or an employees’ organisation.

A personal grievance, or PG, must be raised within 90 days of the PG arising, (except for some circumstances).

Raising A Personal Grievance

If you wish to raise a PG you must communicate this clearly with your employer – preferably in writing. You must set out what your grievance is and how you would like it resolved.

Although you can raise a grievance verbally, it’s better to raise it in writing by letter or email so that you have a record of all the details. You should give enough details about the problem for the employer to respond to, and keep a copy for yourself.

Phil Mitchell can support you through this challenging process through discussing strategic options with you then engaging with your employer, or his/her lawyer or advocate, to see whether a sensible resolution can be reached. (They usually can be). Most cases will settle at or before mediation and legal fees are usually covered in an agreed settlement. Phil will communicate regularly and clearly with you to keep you abreast of developments.

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