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Accused of Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Have you been accused of bullying and / or harassment at your workplace?

Bullying has been defined as repeated, offensive, intimidating, insulting or unreasonable behaviour directed at an individual or group of people. It can include insulting and offensive language; unjustified criticism; physical threats; deliberate exclusion of the complainant from workplace activities; spreading of malicious rumours.

Harassment has been defined as any unwanted physical, verbal (or non-verbal) conduct based on grounds of race, religion age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, which is offensive, degrading or humiliating to the recipient.

Neither definition is exhaustive, and obviously there can be crossover these two definitions.

Such allegations are upsetting to deal with – on both personal and private (ie emotional) levels.

Phil has had numerous cases of managers who are trying to train staff, or bring up performance issues with team members, suddenly have the tables turned on them and face allegations of bullying and harassment. Other cases have involved people who are a bit direct, who speak their mind, who are careless in the way they frame things – and are suddenly facing bullying and harassment claims.  Phil has years of experience in dealing with such scenarios. Call him so that he can lay out your options, and deal with the complaint[s] against you. He is non-judgemental, will know what to do and be in your corner.

Victim of Harassment and Bullying

Have you been the subject of bullying and / or harassment in your workplace? It can be crushing to your confidence and can affect how you feel outside of work. With impacts on your home life and personal relationships, Phil wants to make sure you are supported in a non-judgemental way. He will offer you solutions to an uncomfortable situation with his yers of employment law experience.

Wellington Employment Lawyer

Bullying and harassment claims are increasingly common: some are valid, others arise from staff who don’t like being managed: each will have its own unique facts and personalities. Phil will provide advice and how to effectively resolve the issues that you face. Emotions are often heightened at such times, and Phil will provide calm and reassuring advice as to how to settle matters and move forward. He will provide legal support to employees and give best practice examples to help solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sometimes this will involve extensive investigation into the culture of a business; other times, a good-faith meeting between the parties involved can resolve issues. Every case is different – Phil will assess yours and advise which approach suits best.

Contact Phil Mitchell for legal support

If you need advice and help to deal with workplace bullying and harassment, get in touch with Phil Mitchell. He can help you through the process by resolving the issue in the most efficient, just and cost-effective way.

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