Tim Coker (former) Central Regional Manager

I was a senior manager in a national company. I came to see Phil in early December after becoming the subject of a corporate employment investigation. Phil took over the correspondence between the company and myself which was a huge stress relief for me and my family. My initial desire was to do all i could to keep my job, however, after seeing how the company was handling the investigation I instructed Phil that I felt i could not return to work, and for Phil to negotiate an exit. Phil was able to secure a great settlement at short notice, finalising everything the week before Christmas – he even worked an extra day into his planned leave to ensure everything was finalised before the Christmas break! Throughout the process Phil was available day and night, often responding to emails and txts well after hours. Phil was very clear about what I could expect as a likely outcome from the outset which was a great help. My family and I were able to enjoy the holidays with no immediate stress or pressure financially. Most importantly to me, I was able to resign with a great reference, giving me a true sense of accomplishment. Thank you Phil!