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Phil can help you with your employment related problems. See below what expertise Phil has and how he can help you.

Redundancy / restructuring

Phil has dealt with hundreds of redundancy cases over the years. When a workplace restructure is announced it can be an extremely stressful time. Affected employees are left wondering why they were chosen for redundancy; how they will fare; whether they will lose their job; how they’ll meet their financial commitments and so on.

Phil is there to advise and lead you through the maze. If you have never been through this process before, you need to talk to him.

Unfair Dismissal

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, Phil can advise you whether you have a case or not. He will honestly assess your claim and tell you whether you have something worth pursuing. He has dealt with thousands of unfair dismissal claims over decades and can accurately assess where your claim sits.
Unfair dismissal can include claims for constructive dismissal, where you feel you were forced to resign through the unlawful / unreasonable behaviour of your employer. (If possible, call Phil before you resign to discuss your situation regarding constructive dismissal). Phil has successfully run many constructive dismissal claims and can advise.

Disadvantage in the workplace

If you have suffered disadvantage in the workplace through unreasonable behaviour of your employer, you may be able to raise a personal grievance. This can set up a negotiated exit from your workplace, or can be used to discuss and negotiate an agreeable outcome with your employer, whilst maintaining your employment. Phil is experienced in dealing with this particularly fraught and nuanced area of employment law.

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Phil has been advised many clients as they negotiate their way through a PIP. Some believe they will be able to reach their employer’s expectations; some know they already do, but a personality clash lies behind the PIP’s imposition.

Some clients decide to go through the process, others ask Phil to negotiate an exit. Phil will guide you through this difficult time with frank and effective advice.

Disciplinary hearings

Phil has extensive experience in dealing with disciplinary matters. Early and decisive communication between employees and their employers makes a difference, and that’s what Phil offers. Most matters can be resolved through effective negotiation early on – that is why Phil resolves 90%+ of his cases at or before mediation, with costs often met by the employer.

Harassment / Bullying claims and allegations

Whether you are the victim of bullying / harassment, or whether you have been unfairly accused of such conduct, it’s a stressful time. Phil will listen to you and advocate for you to obtain the best outcome – whether that’s supporting you against a bully, or challenging an unfair complaint.

Accusations of dishonesty

Being accused of dishonesty is upsetting and can be career ending. If you have been wrongfully accused of theft, embezzlement, document falsification etc, Phil can help. He will defend you stridently and unflinchingly.

Sometimes people make mistakes, for all sorts of reasons. If you accept the allegation is true, in full or in part, Phil can still help through communicating effectively and clearly with your employer and negotiating an exit from your employment.

At times an employer will refer a matter to police for investigation. Again, Phil has extensive experience in the Criminal Law area and will be able to assist should your matter move from the employment law arena into the criminal courts.

Phil will not judge you – you can speak openly with him and he will find the best solution for you.

Exit Packages

Are you stuck in a job you hate, or with an employer who makes your life a misery? Phil specialises in negotiating exit packages. Most of the time his fees will be covered by the employer. Feel free to contact Phil to discuss the details of your situation, and he will be able to advise and assist in negotiating an exit from your employment predicament.


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