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Phil has extensive criminal law experience dating back to 1986. He has appeared in all manner of criminal matters and has successfully represented clients charged with minor infringements right through to serious criminal charges carrying 20 years to life imprisonment. He will listen to your concerns, and realises a police enquiry can be the most stressful experience in someone’s life.

He will guide you through the complex maze that is the criminal justice system he will advocate for YOU. “At law, a criminal charge is simply an allegation and nothing more”, says Phil. “And it stays that way up until the moment it is proved beyond reasonable doubt.”

Over the years Phil has represented senior executives, professionals, and a wide range of people charged with minor to very serious offences. He has obtained discharges without convictions, and suppression orders that are only obtainable with a thorough and experienced understanding of the law, the courts, and police culture. If you have an issue which you need to discuss, in confidence, and immediately (an issue which could have life-changing ramifications for you), then you need to contact Phil today.

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If you are unsure your rights, or how best to proceed, Phil can provide a free initial consultation and efficient, affordable legal services to have your case sorted as quickly as possible.
Please contact Phil now on (04) 499-7378 to find out if you require legal assistance, and how he can help, or read some of the testimonials here.


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