Health and Safety

All businesses, whether companies, schools and public sector, NGOs and including sole contractors should be aware of their obligations and responsibilities under the “Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSEA). These obligations carry potential personal liability in many situations.

Breaching any of the requirements of the HSEA, including procedural requirements, can be costly. In cases of serious accidents imprisonment could follow.

Phil have deserved reputations as leading health and safety law experts. We provide strategic and policy advice, and can act in private prosecutions and defend prosecutions.

We advise Boards and individual directors and officers on their obligations under the HSEA and best practice regarding due diligence.

We regularly conduct in-house training and workshops for clients, and speak at health and safety seminars and webinars.

We understand how Work Safe NZ and the Police conduct investigations and can assist you through investigation processes, including attending investigation interviews. We also represent our clients and engage with Work Safe NZ to minimise the risk of prosecutions and other enforcement actions. We also represent out clients in cases where prosecutions are brought.

We develop and draft be spoke health and safety policies, manuals, procedures and contractor management systems.

In summary our legal advice covers:

  • Duty holders under the HSEA and obligations
  • Drafting polices, manuals and procedures
  • Providing Boards and Officers with strategic advice and guidance
  • Advising on managing investigations after workplace accidents
  • Defending health and safety prosecutions
  • Engaging with Work Safe NZ